On Tuesday, the Kansas City Chiefs restructured Travis Kelce`s settlement to make manner for a capacity midseason unfastened-agent signing.

The Chiefs gave the celeb tight give up the the rest of this year's revenue in a lump payment

clearing up $3.forty five million in revenue-cap area. “So, I`m now no longer certain yet,”

Kelce stated at the New Heights podcast together along with his brother, Jason. “It`s a begin to a circulate,

right? You`re liberating up cap area which will do something, right? Unless they`re simply kindly giving me the cash up front,  which I certainly recognize both manner.  “But yeah,

my agent simply hit me up and stated that they need to unfastened up a few cap area so I become like, `I get the cash now?  Alright, I`ll do that. And it frees up cap area for us to get higher as a team? I`m in.`”

Kelce hopes this circulate should cause the large unfastened-agent signing of veteran extensive receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

“I need them to return back true,” Kelce stated of the OBJ rumors. “I haven`t heard some thing. I even have now no longer heard some thing withinside the locker room or some thing across the facility.

“But I assume that something`s withinside the air for certain. And if it approach OBJ ... very well now.”

Just as he did with the Los Angeles Rams this beyond season, Beckham should function a catalyst for the Kansas City offense as they cross after any other Super Bowl title.