Michael Strahan is an extremely open individual, featuring for the New York Monsters prior to getting into

TV and other unmistakable organizations, yet he keeps his own life pretty hidden.

Nonetheless, the incredible NFL star has a sweetheart, as per reports.

Strahan and Kayla Fast have purportedly been dating for two or three years.

They've ventured out in open together multiple times, however generally, they like to keep their relationship hidden.

Strahan, who was recently hitched, purportedly met his better half at a café.

Several has been dating since, at times showing up at things like the U.S. Open and Super Bowl parties.

They were first seen together in 2015.Strahan and Fast

have unveiled a few appearances at the ocean side, too.

They look great together, that is for sure.We want Michael and Kayla to enjoy all that life has to offer pushing ahead in their relationship.