As though losing to the opponent Washington Commandants on Monday wasn't sufficiently terrible, the Philadelphia Falcons might have experienced a more serious misfortune with star tight end Dallas Goedert making a beeline for harmed hold.

Furthermore, lead trainer Scratch Sirianni is concerned.Speaking to the media this week, Sirianni conceded that it will be difficult to supplant Goedert and that nobody individual on the program would be able.

He said that the Hawks will endeavor to do as such by a panel of tight closures as opposed to coming down on one.

"It won't be not difficult to supplant Dallas and not only one individual makes it happen," Sirianni said, through ProFootballTalk. "So how would we supplant him? You can't,

 isn't that so? You need to do it by council. You have tight closures that are there that we have a ton of confidence in this building."Goedert is the

Falcons' second-driving beneficiary this season with 544 getting yards and three scores. He's had three games with north of 80 getting yards this season.

The Philadelphia Hawks offense has been a perfectly tuned symphony for the greater part of the time and has sufficient ability for somebody to compensate for losing Goedert.

At 8-1 on the season, the Falcons seem to be locks to make the end of the season games. Yet, the division race is incredibly close with the Monsters,

Ranchers and presently the Administrators generally inside three rounds of them with about two months left in the season.

Maybe Goedert will be back so as to join the Hawks for a season finisher run.Sirianni positively trusts so.