Will we see Terry Bradshaw back on FOX's Sunday NFL commencement show this evening? The unbelievable Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback was recognizably missing from FOX's pregame set last end of the week, multi week after his alarming "self destruction" joke.

NFL fans were contemplating whether Bradshaw's nonappearance from the set was connected with what occurred on the air during the earlier week's show.

"Where could Terry Bradshaw be? Not on Fox NFL Sunday," one fan tweeted.

"Haha Terry Bradshaw haphazardly "not here" this week after his remarks last week," one fan added.

"Alright, what's happening with Terry Bradshaw not venturing out to Qatar? Being tied up meeting Dak for the zillionth time ain't cutting it!" one fan added.

Will we see Bradshaw back on the air on Sunday evening?

Fourteen days prior, Bradshaw offered a disturbing comment about self destruction while examining Cardinals star Kyler Murray.

"I suppose on the off chance that this youngster ran five or six runs in succession, I think he'd end it all or something like that."

FOX still couldn't seem to address Bradshaw's comments and he was observably missing from the greater part of the show last end of the week.

The NFL pregame show airs on Sunday from 11 a.m. E.T. until 1 p.m. E.T.Hopefully we get one more great few days of games.