With Kanye West withinside the information cycle as of past due for his antisemitic feedback and lack of offers with foremost manufacturers like Adidas, Antonio Brown has long gone viral, as well.

The former NFL huge receiver, in case you remember, is virtually the president of West`s sports activities employer, Donda Sports. Seriously.

With West going viral for despicable reasons, many sports activities fanatics are stunned through Brown's task title.

"Signing to a employer in which Antonio Brown is president of operations should`ve been a right away crimson flag," one fan wrote.

"Really cant accept as true with that the dude who has been on a meme marketing campaign for weeks

approximately how he desires to have intercourse with Tom Brady's spouse is the president of a sports activities employer that had Aaron Donald and Jaylen Brown at the roster.

Legit can't wrap my head across the absurdity of it all," any other fan added.

"Hold up man....Antonio Brown turned into the president of Donda Sports and it took THIS for them to leave?" one fan added.

"Legit googled to look if AB turned into trolling us approximately being the president of Donda Sports. He is not. What. Theee. F--," any other fan wrote.

Brown has introduced that he's going to be sticking with Kanye West, regardless of the controversy. Because of path he is.