Bread cook Mayfield and Lamar Jackson have had their ways cross ordinarily during their NFL professions. Yet, there was one story from their school days including Jackson's mother that Cook was anxious to tell - likely arousing a lot of treat for Jackson himself.

Addressing the media this week in front of Sunday's down between Mayfield's Pumas and Jackson's Ravens, Mayfield uncovered that Jackson's mom once welcomed him to work out with Jackson.

Yet, Mayfield declined the proposition since he obviously felt scared by her.Jackson was recounted that story on Wednesday, and almost burst out chuckling.

 "He said he's scared by my mother?" he said with doubt prior to saying that he would call her to check the story.

NFL fans are totally gobbling up this silly story. Some are proposing that Mayfield ought to have taken Jackson's mom up on the proposition given how his NFL profession has gone:

Preceding being drafted in the 2018 NFL Draft, Cook Mayfield and Lamar Jackson got to know one another through two appearances as finalists for the Heisman Prize.

Jackson won the honor as a sophomore in 2016, with Mayfield completing third. The next year, Mayfield would win the honor as a senior, while Jackson completed third.

At the 2018 NFL Draft, Mayfield went No. 1 by and large while Jackson tumbled to No. 32 -

 yet, Jackson has had the preferable vocation over Mayfield by a wide margin. He's likewise 6-2 against Mayfield as a starter.

Maybe Mayfield will draw nearer to night up that record this end of the week.