Former Denver Broncos head educate Vic Fangio has reportedly landed a brand new job.

According to a report, the previous NFL head educate is consulting the Philadelphia Eagles.

"Per source, Vic Fangio is consulting the Philadelphia Eagles," Michael Kist reports.

The Eagles are off to an outstanding 5-zero begin this season. Perhaps Fangio is one of the motives why.

"Its over for the league," one fan joked. "This become so apparent he become with the group in education camp and

Gannon didn`t simply move from lousy to elite in a single day on his own," any other fan said.Not a wonder at all.

They`ve appeared unique all yr however essential matters want to extrade regarding the gentle insurance used," one fan added.

"This isn`t sudden for the reason that he become round in education camp and a) Gannon's appears a higher educate than a scheme guy,

and b) Gannon were given head training interviews, and Howie in all likelihood desires a Plan B equipped to move?" one fan added.

The Eagles are set to take at the Cowboys in a large NFC East showdown this weekend.