On this week`s "Let's Go!" podcast, Tom Brady in comparison gambling withinside the NFL to navy deployment.    "I nearly examine like a soccer season like you are going away on deployment for the navy,"

Brady stated. "And it is like, 'Man, right here I cross again.' The fact is you could genuinely simplest be proper to yourself. Right? Whatever you could say -- 'Ah, man,

I need to, you know, make certain I spend a touch greater time doing this throughout the season,' the fact is, is while it comes right all the way down to it,

your competitiveness takes over and as plenty as you need to have this playful stability with the paintings stability 3

you'll grow to be doing precisely what you have constantly done, that's why you're who you're." Prior to fielding questions from the media on Thursday, Brady apologized for what he stated at the podcast.

"Earlier this week, I made a announcement approximately gambling soccer and the navy," Brady advised reporters. "It changed into a totally bad preference of words.

I simply need to explicit that to any sentiments obtainable that human beings can also additionally have taken it in a sure way. So, I apologize."

Football lovers are satisfied Brady has owned as much as his current comments.  "Forgiven. He owned as much as it," Jake Rongholt stated.

"Much to do approximately nothing, in line with usual. But suitable he owned it and apologized," one fan wrote on Twitter. "A very exceptional gesture," a 2d fan tweeted.

Brady and the Buccaneers are coming off a difficult loss to the Steelers. They'll face the Panthers on the street this Sunday.   A win over the Panthers could silence a number of the terrible noise surrounding the Buccaneers.