NFL directing has gone so crazy that even Mike Pereira, the association's previous VP of administering, is tired of the item.

During Monday night's down between the Plunderers and Bosses,

the authorities called roughing the passer on Chris Jones. Notwithstanding, the hit from Jones was a normal play.

Mike Pereira went on Twitter to share his opinion on the call.

How about we simply say that he accepts Bosses fans were legitimate for being angry with the refs?

"I'm sitting at a bar drinking Tito's with boss fans hollering at me. I Don't Fault THEM," Pereira tweeted.

Football fans are happy that Pereira got down on the association. 

Maybe things will change assuming individuals like him take care of business.

"As of now, we should put banners on the quarterback," a fan tweeted. "In the event that the NFL doesn't fix this, their item will be unwatchable."

"Even former referees know," a second fan said.