Former ESPN Radio host Mike Golic, just like many others, expressed his displeasure with NFL officiating during Monday night's game between the Chiefs and Raiders.

The officiating crew for this week's Monday Night Football matchup called a ridiculous roughing the passer penalty on Chris Jones.

It was an expensive mix-up most definitely.

Golic didn't simply get down on the authorities from Monday night's down, he put the NFL Contest Advisory group on impact.

"It's past crazy with the roughing the QB calls… the opposition advisory group needs to get involved sooner or later… .

it's simply humiliating," Golic tweeted on Monday night.

Pretty much each and every one of Golic's devotees concurs with him.

"For what reason can't the NY Auditing Authorities be conceded the power to upset foolish calls to protect the game,"

A subsequent fan said, "it is right there, Fine people… from a voice we as a whole know and trust. Tell them, Golic!"

"Such countless ex players shouting this equivalent opinion!! Improve," another fan tweeted.