The Green Bay Packers have struggled defensively thru 8 weeks, however Matt LaFleur isn`t equipped to make any rash choices on the subject of his personnel on that aspect of the ball.

When requested with the aid of using The Athletic's Matt Schneidman if he is had any concept approximately creating a extrade at shielding coordinator,

LaFleur shot back, "Oh, no. Absolutely not.” The NFL international reacted to the coach's solution on Monday.

"This is the mind-set that made us preserve Capers and McCarthy for five years too long," a fan replied.

"Staying over dependable to coordinators," some other said. "Seen this before."

"Literally employed Barry due to the fact it`s his buddy," some other consumer tweeted. "His leash can be longer [than] any coach."

"Maybe giving up forty factors to the Lions this Sunday will extrade his mind (likely not)

Realistically he won`t make a extrade mid-season due to the fact if he does, he is aware of he can be on his

third shielding coordinator in GB, and if the following one sucks too, then [LaFleur] is subsequent to go."

The Packers protection continues to be trying to find a whole game, as they have been not able to get stops after they wanted them towards the Bills on Sunday night.