Last week, ESPN posted a document suggesting NFL proprietors need to eliminate Dan Snyder as proprietor of the Washington Commanders

However, the document additionally cautioned a pass wasn`t probably as Snyder claims to have "dust" on different proprietors - inclusive of Dallas

Cowboys proprietor Jerry Jones. With that during mind, NFL insider Ian Rapoport stated Snyder will stay

the Washington proprietor till Jerry Jones says otherwise."From my understanding

erry Jones continues to be on board with Dan Snyder because the proprietor," Rapoport stated. Needless to say, NFL fanatics had a few ideas.

Some fanatics suppose Jones desires to hold Snyder because the Commanders proprietor so the group does not improve.

Jerry Jones is ensuring the commanders suck all the time with the aid of using now no longer casting off Snyder he`s a genius,

," stated one fan.Other fanatics consider Snyder has official dust on Jones, that's why he is backing Snyder.

"Snyder has actual dust on Jerry. That is the most effective logical cause Jerry continues to be in his corner. Jerry doesn`t need that data made public," stated one fan.

"Snyder has dust on Jerry, all of us recognize it. That article that got here out the opposite day has legs. Sorry Washington fanatics, you're stuck," stated another. Should the NFL eliminate Snyder?