Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers suffered but any other loss on Sunday night.

Green Bay became crowned through Buffalo, 27-17, on Sunday evening. The Packers are actually 3-five at the year.

At the give up of the game, Rodgers and multiple his teammates have been visible having an excellent time at the bench.

"simply having an excellent ole time at the sidelines," Warren Sharp tweeted.

NFL enthusiasts have taken to social media to weigh in at the sideline video.

"irrespective of what this guy does a person usually reveals a manner to mention he`s withinside the wrong…" one fan tweeted.

"People get mad whilst he looks as if he`s moping, then receives mad whilst he`s sharing a few smiles throughout a hard loss. Soon he`s gunna stroll round instantly confronted and y`all gunna name him Jay Cutler," one fan added.

"I love the narrative that expert athletes ought to be really depressing whilst losing," any other fan added.

"Ah yes. When Aaron is mad, he`s a diva. When Aaron is pleased together along with his teammates, it is insinuated he would not care. Of course," any other fan wrote.

The Packers are set to take at the Lions subsequent weekend. If they lose that one, matters gets truely interesting.