Odell Beckham Jr. is reportedly coming after Nike, claiming that the sports clothing massive barred him

from hundreds of thousands of greenbacks through suppressing signature shoe income that would`ve induced a contract

extension with the company.The NFL international reacted to the OBJ/Nike lawsuit on Twitter.

"So while you are paid those profitable contracts and might lease very ready legal professionals,

do athletes/designers forget about them? Or are legal professionals now no longer declaring clauses you ought to ward off on?

Was there a clause that stated if now no longer gambling releases are slowed?" a consumer asked.

"Hard to marketplace while injured.""Yea I`m positive that wont backfire at all…..I don`t care how talented

he's the Giants have a great issue going and I don`t need this man or all of the negativity that follows

him across the Giants. Let him pass be a person else`s headache," a New York fan replied.

In a announcement addressing the suit, the Super Bowl champ stated: