The Pittsburgh Steelers are looking lamentable so far in the 2022 season. Following a 38-3 misfortune to the Bison Bills, the Steelers sit at 1-4 on the year – tied for the most horrendously terrible record in the association.

Given the group’s new battles, fans are beginning to contemplate whether Mike Tomlin is as yet the right chief for the establishment.

Steelers ally Andrew Filipponi drifted a fascinating speculative. “In the event that the Jaguars offered the ‘Jon Gruden bundle’ to the Steelers for Mike Tomlin.

2 first-round picks. 2 second-round picks. Would you exchange him for Carolina?” he inquired.

Fans aren’t taking the inquiry well. “Fella for what? So Matt Canada could be our lead trainer?

Fire Tomlin and the Steelers will be the Texans for the following ten years,” one fan said.

Most fans aren’t engaging with the thought.

“no lmao it’s one awful season individuals need to relax,” one fan said.

Others, nonetheless, proposed that the Steelers would have the option to employ Sean Payton as the new lead trainer.

“Indeed Get Sean Payton, he and Brian Flores can manage everything,” a fan said.