For the second one immediately week, NFL fanatics are thinking a roughing the passer penalty on Monday night. During the Week 6 game, Denver Broncos byskip-rusher Bradley Chubb

were given a 15-backyard non-public foul for roughing Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert. While he hit Herbert high, Chubb pulled up and made an attempt to preserve him upright.

It`s deja vu with the NFL global thinking a roughing the passer name on Twitter."Bradley Chubb is in absolute disbelief after that roughing the passer name," Broncos reporter Aric DiLalla said.

"For superb reason.""Honestly, I don`t even recognize roughing the passer anymore," FOX radio host Colin Cowherd said."Roughing the passer is the brand new byskip interference,

" NBC myth guru Matthew Berry declared. "It`s known as wildly otherwise each game.""I didn`t suppose it changed into feasible however they preserve

calling worse roughing the passer consequences," former offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz said.A questionable name on Grady Jarrett ignited vitriol in the direction of roughing consequences in Week 5.

Then Chris Jones were given known as for roughing on what regarded like a easy sack and fumble restoration closing Monday night.

The Los Angeles Rams reportedly plan on revisiting an offer to make non-public fouls reviewable that changed into

unanimously rejected closing year. However, the league has no intentions of loosening its

recommendations for protective quarterbacks this season.Monday night's modern day debatable name will preserve the verbal exchange alive for as a minimum some other week.