LeBron James grew up rooting for the Dallas Cowboys and, up till these days, regarded to nonetheless be partial to the group.

That`s changed, apparently.James these days admitted that he stopped rooting for the Dallas Cowboys whilst Jerry Jones changed into in opposition to gamers kneeling for the countrywide anthem. The Ohio local says he roots for the Cleveland Browns now.

The Browns, of course, rent a quarterback who is been accused of sexual misconduct with the aid of using extra than 20 girls.

It's suspect reasoning with the aid of using LeBron, to mention the least. "LeBron James stopped cheering for the Cowboys due to the fact the group helps the countrywide anthem. He now cheers for the Browns

a group with a beginning QB accused with the aid of using a couple of girls of sexual misconduct. Hell of a trade," one fan wrote.

"He doesn`t need to assist the Cowboys due to the manner they treated kneeling for the duration of the countrywide anthem,

however he`ll assist the Browns who signed a participant accused of sexual misconduct. I wager we see in which you stand. No loss here," any other fan wrote.

"Lebron is Browns fan & actually had Kyrie at the Shop over the summer time season he don`t care," one fan added.

"So allow me get this straight… LeBron James doesn`t assist the Cowboys due to their ethical choices regarding the countrywide anthem… however you assist the Cleveland Browns?" any other fan said.

The Cowboys are off to a 5-2 begin this season, even as the Browns have disappointed, with Deshaun Watson suspended for eleven games.