Josh Allen gave off an impression of being in torment around the finish of the Bills-Planes game on Sunday evening.

The Bison Bills quarterback was seen flexing his elbow after he got hit on a toss yet had the option to complete the game.

After the Bills lost, Allen addressed the media after the game and affirmed that he had

 "slight torment" in the elbow and that he'll deal with it during training this week.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen is presently detailing that Allen is set to be assessed for a physical issue connected with his ulnar guarantee tendon.

This is the very tendon that some baseball pitchers hurt each season.

 It prompts Tommy John medical procedure, which typically costs the pitcher a whole season since it requires a long investment to mend from.

Fans are trusting that Allen won't require that medical procedure since it

would take him out until the end of the time.

We'll need to check whether the Bills get uplifting news on Allen's physical issue on Tuesday.