A DMV local and lifetime fan of the Washington Commanders, Brooklyn Nets famous person Kevin Durant is hopeful that he can someday emerge as part of the franchise`s new possession institution need to Dan Snyder promote the group.

Saying in a communique with ESPN's Nick Friedell: "In a super world, I could be part of it. I would really like to do it. I would really like to present a touch little bit of my

cash to be part of the Commanders, however we're going to see. Hopefully it is anyone nice. I heard [Amazon CEO Jeff] Bezos and Jay-Z, however you in no way recognize."

The 12-time NBA All-Star went on to mention that he is amazed to listen that Snyder should likely be shifting off his possession stake.

"I mean, how lengthy has he had it now -- 20-some thing years?" Durant asked. "He's likely the best proprietor I've recognised for the reason that I've been alive for the Redskins/Commanders.

So it is truly stunning to look him placed them up due to the fact it is his baby. NFL groups are precious, they are important."

KD additionally recounted that at the same time as there had been a few down years over his time as a fan, he believes the destiny is bright.

"Our marketplace is incredible," he said. "There's a whole lot of guide in D.C., a whole lot of cash in D.C. to be made. I sense like we drafted nicely the final couple years.

We were given a few basis portions that permit you to win soccer video games shifting ahead. So yeah, I assume it is an appealing destination."

I recognize we have got had a few dropping seasons, however it is beginning to come round for us. I'm excited as a fan. I'm enthusiastic about the sale. I'm excited to look who they carry in and who they promote the group to and notice how we pass ahead with it."