Okay, okay, okay. You understand what that implies. Matthew McConaughey, who love the Washington Leaders,

 supposedly needs to assist with purchasing the group from the Snyder family.

McConaughey is set to join the Jeff Bezos and Jay-Z bunch that will send in a bid for the group, per the New York Post.

"Matthew has forever been an enormous fan and his binds with the group go way back," a source told the NYP.

 "They support his establishment and he's great buddies with Dan Snyder

 he and supermodel spouse Camila Alves were on Dan's yacht over the Super Bowl a year ago."

McConaughey is quite possibly of the most popular entertainer on earth. He's featured in various films,

 like Jungle Thunder, Interstellar, The Wolf of Money Road, Bewildered and Befuddled, and some more.

The bid is supposed to arrive in several months and there's

an opportunity that the Commandants could sell for $7 billion. Assuming that occurs, it would be the greatest deal in elite athletics history.