Russell Wilson is as of now going through a serious vocational decline through the initial five rounds of his 2022 season.

In his most memorable year with the Denver Mustangs — and his most memorable year from the Seattle Seahawks 

the star quarterback isn't performing really near the level we've generally expected from him.

A few of Wilson's previous colleagues, including Richard Sherman, have turned on him since his takeoff from Seattle.

Marshawn Lynch isn't one of those previous partners.

During an appearance on The Richard Sherman Digital recording, Lynch said he's pulling for Wilson and expectations he's doing approve intellectually during this troublesome time.

"I want to ensure [Wilson] is straight to him. I truly thought he planned to resign as a Seahawk," Lynch said. 

"Assuming there's any individual who knows something about that, it's me.

I've done been to the lower part of this association before when [expletive] excluded you, talked awful on you.

"I didn't want to see it in Seattle… now that he ain't in no Seahawk uniform, I'm pulling for him"