Much became made approximately Tom Brady`s sideline blowup throughout Sunday's loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.Brady went off on an F-bomb tirade withinside the 2d sector of the Bucs' loss to the Steelers.

While clips of the incident went viral, inspiring lots of takes, Brady's teammates have been now no longer afflicted with the aid of using it.

"I love that from him. I understand all of us love that from him. It may appearance bizarre on TV, however it is football. That's what you need from wonderful teammates and wonderful leaders,

and he is the excellent there is," Bucs middle Robert Hainsey stated. Most NFL enthusiasts agree that it became overplayed.

"100% of all of the matters to be mad approximately with this crew Brady seeking to amp up his o line isn't always one in every of them," one fan wrote.

"That`s humorous bc the woman at paintings instructed me he became a cry toddler and ought to express regret to his offensive line, wrapping it up with the aid of using asking me what number of extra capsules he

became going to interrupt this 12 months. Wild, " one fan added."Everybody crying, however the human beings he became addressing though," some other fan wrote.

"Are ya sure? Some parents on Twitter and TV stated the linemen ought to be angry and outraged at their QB. Another instance of a teammate praising the leadership

even as the ones outdoor the constructing display outrage.

Who to believe?" one fan added.The Bucs fell to three-three at the 12 months with the loss on Sunday. They'll try to get returned on the right track towards the Panthers this weekend.