The Indianapolis Yearlings lost to the Philadelphia Falcons at home on Sunday afternoon.Prior to the game, a public song of devotion photograph became a web sensation via virtual entertainment.

Famous vocalist John Mellencamp supposedly sat during the public song of devotion at Lucas Oil Stadium."Mellencamp, 71, was obviously too bustling eating popcorn to recognize the varieties in the field.

Somebody in the adjoining area snapped the photograph of Mellencamp and sent it to OutKick 360's Dan Dakich," Outkick announced.

NFL fans have taken to online entertainment to respond to the viral public hymn photograph.

"Anybody snap a photo of the lager or concession lines during the song of devotion? Likewise, there are a Many individuals in that image not standing, including a youngster close to him,

what a terrible parent, isn't that so? Yet, we should be specific with our ire," one fan composed.

"Listen for a minute, when I go to South Twist Whelps games, when the public song of devotion begins, everybody in line in concessions stops, moves in the direction of the closest banner,

 takes their cap off, puts hand over heart until the tune is finished AND colors have left the field," one fan added."

I heard today that what we frequently underestimate what others constantly petition God for… fine model sitting not too far off… miserable," one fan conceded.

"Awful search without a doubt… " one fan added.The Yearlings tumbled to the Falcons, 17-16, on Sunday evening.