Sunday evening's Browns versus Charges game will be ostensibly the most one of a kind round of the 2022 NFL standard season.

Bison was set to have Sunday's down against Cleveland, however the gigantic blizzard in upstate New York constrained the challenge to get moved to Detroit.

On Sunday, the Bills will "have" the Browns at Portage Field. Cleveland's mentors and players purportedly headed to Detroit in front of Sunday's challenge.

It's a bit odd to see a NFL group heading to a game as opposed to flying.

"Perhaps Amari could do without air travel so he'll play well?" one fan pondered.

"It's the better thought. A departure from Cleveland to Detroit would get rerouted through Charlotte or something idiotic like that," another fan kidded.

"My fantasy is for the Bills, Earthy colors, Packers, Lions and Bears to leave the NFL and make their own association where groups are expected to cruise the Incomparable Lakes for all games.

Likewise Detroit needs to construct an outside arena," one fan kidded.

"Midwestern drive versus fly in the event that it's under 16 hours," one more fan composed via web-based entertainment.

Ideally the drive was a simple one... The Bills and the Browns are booked to start off at 1 p.m. E.T. on Sunday.