Around 99.99-percent of players who go into the bye week arise revived thanks to the additional seven day stretch of rest. Yet, for New York Monsters wellbeing Xavier McKinney, the bye week transformed into a bad dream.

McKinney took to Twitter on Monday to declare that he experienced a hand injury while riding an ATV in Cabo this previous week.

He uncovered that the injury will save him off the field for the following couple of weeks. The third-year wellbeing has begun each game for the Monsters this season.

He has 38 handles, a sack, four passes safeguarded and a constrained bobble. McKinney is third in the group in performance handles.

Monsters fans are for all intents and purposes stunned. In view of the reactions, obviously the fans scarcely even ability to respond to

something so absurd.The New York Monsters have the No. 9 guard in the NFL, which is an immense explanation that the group is

getting a charge out of one of their best beginnings to a season in ongoing memory at 6-2. They've previously coordinated or surpassed their success absolute from the last five seasons.

To lose a starter as well as a significant supporter of the protection directly in the center of the time is sufficiently terrible. However, for it to

occur in a total oddity mishap - and keeping in mind that riding an ATV of all things - needs to make this one sting much more.

The Goliaths get back from their bye in Week 10 to take on the Houston Texans. However, they'll need to spend the week track down another beginning security.