Peyton and Eli Manning are continuously throwing brotherly jabs at one another.

During his co-web website hosting responsibilities on the 2022 CMA Awards, Peyton made positive to hold this way of life alive

taking numerous photographs at his more youthful brother all through the award display.

Eli took notice of every jab, counting them as his massive bro dished them out.

"If my math is correct, this is the third shot Peyton has taken at me at the CMA`s. #CMAawards," Eli wrote on Twitter.

Here are more than one Peyton`s jabs at Eli:

“I do a display with my brother Eli,” he stated. “I am used to this loss of professionalism.”

“I hold telling him he`s like a brother to me,” he stated whilst introducing his co-host..

“He doesn`t apprehend that`s now no longer a compliment. Give it up for Luke Bryan.”

The subsequent Monday Night Football ManningCast will take area in Week thirteen for a matchup among the Saints and Buccaneers.