For all of the fulfillment Joe Burrow has had considering being drafted first usual with the aid of using the Bengals, he simply can`t appear to conquer the team's cross-kingdom rival.

In two-and-a-1/2 of NFL seasons, Burrow has but to conquer the Browns.

And Monday night's 32-thirteen debacle marked the Bengals' fourth

immediately loss to Cleveland with Joey B at the back of center.

After the game, Burrow racked his mind as to why Cincinnati can not appear beat the Browns.

Saying, “You`ve were given to provide credit score to them, they constantly play nicely in opposition to us. It`s

difficult to reply that one. They`ve were given sincerely proper gamers on defense, they`re sincerely

nicely coached. They`ve had our range the remaining couple years.”

Last night's loss dropped the Bengals to 0-three withinside the division, however Burrow says they may be now no longer hitting the panic button.

Telling reporters, “We`re now no longer panicking. We recognise what went incorrect in every game.”