Jameis Winston might have entered this season as the unchallenged starter for the Holy people, however it didn't take long for his work status to come into question.

After a couple of harsh hostile exhibitions in September, the Holy people gave the beginning gig once again to Andy Dalton. Around then, the move was made in light of the fact that Winston was beaten up.

Despite the fact that Winston feels vastly improved now than he did in September, Dalton stays the starter in New Orleans.

Addressing the media Friday, he was exceptionally legitimate about not playing a solitary snap since Week 3. "It harms my spirit," Winston said. "That is all I can say."

Then, at that point, Winston offered an informing remark regarding his considerations on how the Holy people took care of their quarterback circumstance this season.

"I lost my employment because of injury, and the strategy has forever been you don't lose your employment on account of injury."

Winston's remark causes it to appear as though he's not in total agreement with Holy people lead trainer Dennis Allen.

Allen, then again, has previously expressed his obligation to Dalton. "We will go with Andy," Allen said.

 "We examined it as a staff. I got an amazing chance to converse with the two quarterbacks, and I feel like the present moment, Andy is our desired course to head."

The Holy people are 3-7 heading into this Sunday's down against the Rams.