On Thursday night, the Carolina Panthers took the sector for a domestic contest in opposition to the Atlanta Falcons.

These  groups met simply  weeks ago, with the Falcons coming away with a 37-34 victory in overtime.

It changed into a truly debatable end result after Panthers huge receiver D.J. Moore changed into referred to as for a suspect penalty.

Carolina is hoping for redemption this time round and they`ll appearance exact doing it. The Panthers

unveiled their "blackout" uniforms and the soccer global is loving them.Some enthusiasts are tuning in only for the uniforms.

"Man I truely don`t need to spoil my day with the aid of using looking the panthers lose to the falcons however these

black helmets are DOPE. Here we pass once more I guess…" one fan joked.

"PERMANENT!!!!!!!! PLEASE MAKE THEM PERMANENT!" stated any other fan.

"Panthers with the aid of using a million," stated a third.

Will the Panthers avenge their loss to the Falcons from  weeks ago?