How excellent is that this year`s Cowboys crew? According to former Cowboys supermegacelebrity Dez Bryant, it is very, very excellent.

Bryant believes that is the great Cowboys crew because the Super Bowl-prevailing ones of the 90s.

"The great cowboys crew I visible because the 90s…

I`ll argue with whoever approximately it," Bryant proclaimed.

Some will argue that the 2014 and 'sixteen Cowboys groups had been better. The 2014 crew become a

questionable Bryant "drop" name farfar from probably going to the NFC Championship Game.

The 2016 crew become the No. 1 crew withinside the NFC maximum of the year.

But is that this year's crew better?

Time will tell, of course. The Cowboys had been thumping the Bears,

however the lead has been cut, as they now lead, 28-23, withinside the 0.33 quarter.