With their win over the Houston Texans on Thursday Night Football, the Philadelphia Eagles are 8-zero at the season for the primary time in franchise history. But for one Dallas Cowboys author,

the Eagles` unbeaten begin seems to be a mirage.Taking to Twitter on Friday, longtime Cowboys beat author Clarence Hill Jr.

declared that the Eagles are "dwelling on borrowed time" and aren't the excellent group withinside the NFL. He declared that the NFC is huge open and that the Eagles are "no juggernaut.

The Eagles are nevertheless undefeated. But they may be no juggernaut. They are dwelling  on borrowed time. They aren't the excellent group withinside the NFL,

no matter their record. The NFC is huge open. That's a fact. Argue together along with your momma," Hill wrote.

Philadelphia sure confirmed some flaws of their 29-17 win over the lowly Houston Texans. But undefeated remains undefeated and

so far no one has been capable of parent out a way to beat them. Fans on Twitter had been having a pleasing giggle with how lots coping Hill became having though.

"Dang you need them to argue with they momma at breakfast?" Robert Griffin III replied.

"Hey guy it`s manner too early for this," ESPN's Booger McFarland said.

"Why you bringing my momma into this?" Cedric Goldman of the Austin American-Statesman asked.Do you consider Clarence Hill Jr? Are the Eagles on "borrowed time?"