In spite of some good faith that he'd have the option to return this end of the week, it seems Authorities pass rusher Pursue Youthful won't take the field in Week 11.

The Washington association assigned him to get back from the Truly Unfit to Perform list on November 2,

what's more, his 21-day window to return closes on November 23.According to NFL Organization insider Ian Rapoport,

a November 27 matchup against the Atlanta Hawks "seems like a superior objective" for the previous Guarded Thelatest phenom.

"He's getting along nicely, just may not be prepared at this point," Rapoport reports.Young tore his upper leg tendon on November 14 of 2021.

He missed the last eight rounds of last season in addition to each game up until this point this year.

"We won't play him except if we feel he's good to go," lead trainer Ron Rivera said recently, per ESPN.

 "There are a few things he's not happy doing... You can see his dissatisfaction since he believes it should happen now."

In the event that the Commandants don't actuate Youthful before the 23rd, they'll be compelled to close him down until the end of the time.

This weekend, the 5-5 Washington crew will go head to head against the Houston Texans.