Bison Bills senior supervisor Brandon Beane made a smart move in short order on Tuesday, gaining running back Nyheim Hines from the Indianapolis Foals.

Beane showed up on Friday's episode of "The Pat McAfee Show" to examine a small bunch of NFL points, including the Bills' most recent obtaining.

McAfee, who played for the Yearlings during his whole vocation, playfully said "f- - - you" to Beane prior to allowing him to have the floor.

Beane had an entertaining reaction, telling McAfee, "All things considered, I consciously value the f- - - you."

The senior supervisor of the Bills then, at that point, made sense of why he needed to gain Hines."In all earnestness, he's a person I've had my eye on previously,"

Beane said. "We looked into him, very much like you monitor folks at various times. Two or three summers prior

I accept it was during the Coronavirus summer - - I truly didn't feel like we had that part in the backfield for Josh [Allen] to have an outlet player."

Hines ought to give Bison's offense a dependable pass catcher at running back. Starting around 2018,

he has 235 vocation gatherings for 1,725 yards and seven scores.

The Bills will get to perceive how Hines fits in their framework as soon as this Sunday against the New York Planes.