NFL World Reacts To Patrick Mahomes’ Special Guest Tonight

Patrick Mahomes welcomed an extremely exceptional visitor to Sunday night’s Bosses Chargers game.

Mahomes, who’s the ongoing quarterback of the Bosses, welcomed entertainer Henry Winkler to SoFi Arena for the game and the entertainer is pretty

eager to meet Mahomes.”He simply is something, and they discuss Josh Allen and the wide range of various superb men,

the young fellow from I think Florida,” Winkler said, by means of The Kansas City Star. “Patrick, you just see his cerebrum thinking,

‘How am I going to get into that end zone?’ He simply strolls and he’s

thinking; you don’t see a ton of kidding going on.”

Fans are trusting that the two will get to meet either before the game

starts or when it closes. Winkler will expect a Bosses win as they

attempt and clear the season series against the Chargers.

The opening shot will be at 8:20 p.m. ET and it’ll be broadly broadcast by NBC.

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