NFL World Reacts To Bill Belichick’s Practice Outfit

Not even bone chilling circumstances can stop Loyalists lead trainer Bill Belichick from wearing shorts at training.

A video of Belichick wearing shorts at Wednesday’s training surfaced on Twitter.

It was an intriguing outfit decision considering it was 45 degrees outside. Belichick was wearing a coat and beanie,

so he didn’t precisely deal with Wednesday’s training like it was an instructional course meeting in July.

Regardless, football fans can’t move past Belichick wearing shorts simply a day prior New Britain was hit with a colder time of year climate warning.

“That is my mentor,” a Nationalists fan tweeted.

“I mean it when I say this: I long for the day when I can dress like Belichick and not be judged,” one individual said.

Someone else remarked, “#BillBelichick has genuinely adjusted to his #NewEngland environmental elements with

the shorts/coat search in awful climate. Presently he wants a chilled espresso in one hand.”

The Nationalists will have the Planes this Sunday at Gillette Arena. They won the principal meeting at MetLife Arena recently.

The opening shot for the Planes Loyalists game is at 1 p.m. ET.