NFL World Is Stunned By Charles Woodson’s Comparison

Michigan Man Charles Woodson has NFL fans pretty dazed on Sunday morning.

The Corridor of Notoriety cornerback had an incredible examination for youthful Bears quarterback Justin Fields.

Tom Brady.Seriously.”Charles Woodson made a Justin Fields-Tom Brady examination on FOX,”

Dov Kleiman tweeted.NFL fans are really stunned.

“everybody unwind okay,” one fan composed.

“For hell’s sake,” another fan added.

“I planned to facetiously say Brady has more hurrying yards than Fields,

in any case, Fields really outperformed him the week before. 1169 to 1116,” another fan added.”

Adding this to the huge number of minutes where individuals overhype Fields,” one fan added.

Fields has been great lately, however how about we delayed down with the publicity until further notice.

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