Might Be Time For Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers To Walk Away

Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers

Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers

Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner thinks it is probably time for Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers to grasp up their cleats.

In an interview with People, Warner stated the destiny Hall of Fame quarterbacks look “exhausted” this season. He in the long run stated the pleasure of the sport may not be there, suggesting it`s time to stroll farfar from the sport.”

I suppose each of these men appear like they may be exhausted,” Warner stated. “It’s OK to go, ‘You realize what? It’s now no longer the way it used to be. I might not be who I used to be, or, it is simply too tough average to get all people as much as the standard. Maybe it’s time to stroll away.'”

Warner recounted that gambling the sport of soccer is all NFL gamers realize – specifically those that make it into their past due 30’s and 40’s. He admitted his very own conflict with understanding whilst to stroll farfar from the sport.

Should Brady and Rodgers stroll away after the season?

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