Mac Jones Reveals His Nickname During High School Football

Mac Jones Reveals His Nickname During High School Football

Mac Jones Reveals

Mac Jones has picked up more than one nicknames considering being taken via way of means of the New England Patriots withinside the first spherical of the 2021 NFL Draft. But there`s reputedly one nickname that he is held onto considering excessive college.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Jones found out that at the same time as he turned into at The Bolles School in Jacksonville, Florida, he turned into given the nickname “Sunshine” via way of means of his offensive line train. The nickname turned into a connection with the fair-haired Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass from the film Remember the Titans.

“Sunshine,” who turned into portrayed via way of means of Kip Pardue withinside the iconic soccer film, turned into primarily based totally at the real quarterback from the 1971 T.C. Williams High School countrywide championship team. Though Bass has publicly said that the film took a few more innovative liberties together along with his actual existence.

Jones stated that the identical train who gave him the nickname additionally taught him a treasured existence lesson: “You’ll in no way move broke in case you make a profit.”

Mac Jones might not have received a countrywide name in excessive college like his nicknamesake did, however he is greater than made up for it with university soccer countrywide titles, a record-placing profession at Alabama and an anciental rookie season for the New England Patriots.

“Sunshine” nonetheless beats “Mac and Cheese” though.

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