Jason Kelce Has Blunt Message For Those Blaming Refs For Eagles First Loss

The refs took a ton of intensity for their brings in Monday night’s huge Falcons Commandants game that saw Philadelphia experience their first

loss of the time. Yet, Falcons star focus Jason Kelce has a directive for individuals pinning their misfortune on the authorities: Stop it.

Showing up on the New Levels Show web recording with his sibling Travis, Kelce rebuked individuals for exclusively accusing the officials instead of

acknowledge that the Hawks had opportunities to dominate the match that they blew all on their own.”I can’t bear peopling accusing officials,”

Kelce said. “We had such countless chances to dominate that football match that we didn’t deal with… There’s an inclination currently (about refs) and I believe this is a direct result of

replay and the capacity to pump the brakes in Top quality… Authorities won’t be great. They won’t settle on each decision and actually you need to go play the game that is called.

‘That was a facemask on Dallas Goedert!’ No, it wasn’t! You want to know why? Because they didn’t toss the goddamn banner!”

Kelce referred to it as “a failure’s mindset” to put their misfortune onto another person. He recognized that at the time it feels awful, yet there are in every case more minutes to be had.

The Hawks experienced their most memorable normal season loss of the time to tumble to 8-1 on the season – attached with the Minnesota Vikings for the best record in the NFL, yet presently only one game in front of the opponent New York Monsters only for the NFC East division.

In a season with not many games thus no place for mistake, groups needn’t bother with the authorities making it harder. In any case, for Jason Kelce, that doesn’t imply that the game falls on their shoulders when they lose.
Do you concur with Kelce?

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