Chris Jones Has Suggestion For NFL After Brutal Penalty

It seems like everybody has an assessment of what the NFL ought to do about roughing the passer punishment following this end of the week.

Kansas City Bosses guarded lineman Chris Jones, who was hailed for a questionable roughing call against Derek Carr the previous evening, has a thought.

Chris Jones Has Suggestion For NFL After Brutal Penalty

Jones told journalists postgame that he might want to see the association put roughing the passer calls through the audit cycle as they did with pass impedance in 2019.

“Take a gander at roughing the passer as an association, as they passed impedance quite a while back, where we can survey pass obstruction,” Jones said. “I feel that is the following stage we need to take in the association for every one of these roughing the passers.”

Obviously, the pass obstruction surveys tumbled and the training endured just a single season. In any case, we can’t blame Jones for attempting to think about an acceptable method for tackling this issue.

The three-time Ace Bowler said he comprehended that arbitrator Carl Cheffers needed to settle on his decision rapidly progressively, yet added that he didn’t even try to request a clarification since none would have gotten the job done.

“There’s no great reason,” Jones said, through Ace Football Talk. “What am I going to go to him and say, ‘How might I handle? How could I not roll on him?’ I’m making an honest effort. I’m 340 — 325 — pounds, alright? What do you believe I should do? I’m running at maximum speed, attempting to get the quarterback. What do you maintain that I should do? I propped my hands.”

Questionable roughing the passer calls raise more questions

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